Organic tuscan Pasta

Our line of Organic Handmade Pasta is produced entirely in Tuscany, with the best organic durum wheat semolina of Ancient Grains (Timilia variety and Senatore Cappelli variety), grown in our farm according to the ancient peasant memory, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and ground stone to safeguard the nutritional properties of the product. The production process, which combines tradition and innovative technologies, with bronze drawing and very slow drying, gives the pasta the right roughness, excellent cooking resistance and superior organoleptic characteristics.

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Very slow drying artisanal pasta with a delicate flavor similar to that of spelled. It is produced in Tuscany by Maestri Pastai, in 4 different formats, with stone-milled Timilia variety of ancient wheat semolina.

Timilia is an ancient autochthonous variety of durum wheat (scientific name, Triticum durum). The semolina obtained by its grinding is rich in vitamin B and mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, iron, calcium phosphorus and zinc. It is suitable for those who want to keep fit, thanks to its polyunsaturated fats, which protect the health of the cardiovascular system, high protein value and low glycemic index (its carbohydrates are slowly absorbed by the body and do not cause too much increase rapid blood glucose).

Thanks to the stone grinding and the particular nutritional qualities of Timilia wheat, the pasta produced with this variety of wheat is very digestible and keeps cooking very well.


Very slow drying artisanal pasta with a full-bodied, aromatic and persistent taste, very digestible and always cooked al dente. It is produced in Tuscany by Maestri Pastai, in 9 different formats, with Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina grown by our company.

The ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli is a variety of durum wheat selected in 1915 by an Italian agronomist on the Tavoliere delle Puglie, on the land of the farm of the Senator of the Kingdom Raffaele Cappelli (from which it took its name).

The semolina obtained from this wheat is very rich in nutrition: it has a high percentage of protein, an excellent fiber content, a high amount of zinc, a very low percentage of sodium and fat.

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