Our farm has been producing a Tuscan IGP oil for several years, a blend obtained from the most representative varieties of Tuscan olive production: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino. This blend was created to enhance our territory, Tuscany, and pay homage to it as a symbol of perfect balance between man, nature, culture and art. Our balanced IGP is inspired by this Tuscan IGP, an oil with a markedly Tuscan character as attested by its elegant and intense aromas of artichoke and grass.

The Tuscan IGP of Podere San Bartolomeo has a good fruity intensity, in which fresh olive and herbaceous scents are immediately recognizable. The immediately perceived aromas are those of artichoke and thistle, in full line with the characteristics of Tuscan oil. The body of this extra virgin is rich and enveloping, the bitter taste enhances the green hints of thistle and artichoke, also releasing a green almond flavor, the finish ends with a persistent spicy that recalls white pepper and attenuates astringency of the artichoke.


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