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The meaning of the Ethical Code

In adopting and implementing its code of ethics, PODERE SAN BARTOLOMEO Agricultural Company has chosen an organisational management system based on the SA8000 standard on the one hand and the principles that inspire the world of Coldiretti to which it is associated on the other.


The SA8000 model lists the requirements for socially responsible behaviour of the Organizations towards the interested parties, with particular reference to the workers, regulating in particular:

- child labour,

- forced or compulsory labour,

- health and safety conditions,

- freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining,

- discrimination,

- disciplinary practices,

- working hours,

- remuneration.

 Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company undertakes to adhere and to comply:

- to all the principles contained in the reference standard SA8000;

- International Labour Organization (ILO) Conventions;

- the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

- all national and international laws regarding safety in the workplace and protection of privacy, confidentiality and processing of personal data;

- The Company undertakes to adapt its management to the following regulations: International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


The Company carries out its activities in such a way as to make these principles effective in the context of every organisational choice and company policy, describing the principles in its code of ethics, also in order to make its activities a tool for promoting and disseminating these principles

Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company also undertakes to adopt a Management System for Social Responsibility (SGRS) and to provide for a process of constant monitoring and improvement of its SGRS.




The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company respects the laws and regulations, national and European, and any other legislation in force in the countries where it operates.


The main objective of the Podere San Bartolomeo company is to protect workers and create value for the parties concerned. The company organization is oriented towards the pursuit of this goal and defines and implements the conditions so that the participation of stakeholders in decisions within their jurisdiction is widespread and aware.


In decisions that affect relations with its stakeholders, the Farm avoids any discrimination based on nationality, race, health, sexuality, political opinions or religious beliefs.

Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company ensures the confidentiality of the information in its possession and conforms its organizational model and its privacy policy according to the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 and the directives and guidelines of the Guarantor Authority for the processing of personal data.



The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company undertakes not to abuse its contractual position.

Contracts and work assignments must be carried out in accordance with what has been freely negotiated by the parties.

In formulating and preparing any contracts, the Company takes care to specify to the contractor the conduct to be adopted in all circumstances, in a clear and understandable manner.


In order to ensure maximum clarity in relations, all relations with persons in charge of a public service will be managed exclusively by representatives who have received an explicit mandate from the Company.

The conduct of the representatives must be based on criteria of loyalty and fairness, and always in respect of the institutions. In relations with the Public Administration, in particular, it is forbidden to offer gifts or money to Managers, Officials or Employees of the Public Administration or to their relatives, both Italian and foreign.

The Podere San Bartolomeo agricultural company considers as an act of corruption both illicit payments made directly by Italian subjects and/or bodies or by their employees, and those made through subjects acting on their behalf in Italy or abroad.

The Company is prohibited from offering and/or accepting any object, service, performance or favour to obtain or obtain favourable treatment in relation to any relationship with the public administration.



The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company is committed to safeguarding and protecting the environment as a primary asset by putting in place in the exercise of its activities all appropriate measures to safeguard and protect nature and adopting responsible cultivation criteria and marked by the enhancement of the natural cycle of the land.



The Company protects workers, promotes the enhancement of human resources, encouraging their professional growth, and is committed to avoiding discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities, as well as offering working conditions respectful of individual dignity and safe and healthy working environments, in compliance with current regulations and the rights of workers. The Podere San Bartolomeo Company guarantees equal opportunities to all workers by adopting criteria for the selection of workers on the basis of skills and abilities, with equal opportunities and working conditions and remuneration without any form of discrimination and with full recognition and promotion of workers' rights. The Podere San Bartolomeo Company does not employ people under the age of 15, The Podere San Bartolomeo Company does not employ young workers (youths under the age of 18) in unhealthy or dangerous situations, nor during school hours. The Company does not use child labor in the production of any product or in the provision of any service, where child labor is defined as the performance of persons under the age of 15 years, unable to attend compulsory schooling and carry out an existence appropriate to their age.

The Company undertakes to guarantee underage workers effective conditions of learning, growth and professional development, as well as suitable conditions of health and safety and training in this regard. The San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company undertakes not to employ personnel who perform their work against their will or who are not free to terminate the contract of employment.

The San Bartolomeo agricultural company complies with current legislation on health and safety at work and is committed to spreading and consolidating a culture of safety, developing risk awareness, and promoting responsible behavior by all employees and contractors. The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company undertakes not to prohibit, obstruct or penalize trade union activity, guaranteeing staff the conditions to practise this right in the working environment.

The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company undertakes to allow workers to negotiate freely and in accordance with the law, without fear.


The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company maintains relations with customers and suppliers in compliance with the law and in application of the general principles of the Code of Ethics and based on fairness, courtesy and availability. The Podere San Bartolomeo Agricultural Company complies with current regulations on fair competition and antitrust and refrains from any collusive behaviour and abuse of a dominant position.

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