We want to summarize the secrets of our work:

  • Harmonic interaction between natural factors: geographical localization, excellent soil's quality, optimal weather and Tuscan natives cultivars. 

  • Our faith into the natural way of making things, our commitment for traditions and authenticity. We believe that man can do a lot but is Nature who lay down times and modality. 

  • The small scale of our operations allows us to do things in a traditional way paying close attention to all the stages of the process, from cultivation to production.

  • Our attention on choosing the optimal harvest time. We sacrifice the quantity on the altar of quality for the benefit of the
    chemical and organoleptic characteristics of our EVOOs

  • Our iron will to work the olives within a few hours from harvesting and with cold extraction, or with strict temperature controls to ensure the maintenance of the
    best chemical and organoleptic characteristics of our oil.

  • The storage of our extra virgin olive oil in stainless steel tanks at optimal temperature conditions.

  • Authenticity, attachment to our land.



Thank to our passion and commitment, our products are certified in many ways as high quality products.

IGP Toscano certification: Podere San Bartolomeo produces two EVOOs with the certified trademark of IGP Toscano; namely those oils are responding to a prestigious food regulation which aims to protect and promote high quality Tuscan EVOOs. 

Organic certification: our farm has the certification of organic cultivation- From 2020, we have added to our organic IGP TOSCANO oil, also our organic flours, semolina and handmade pasta.

Slow Food Presidium: Slow Food Presidium for Olio Extravergine Italiano wants to map Italian century-old olive trees fields to promote high quality Italian oils producers. Our company is into this companion with the production of a mono cultivar EVOO from Lazzero. Lazzero is an ancient cultivar widespread among Livorno and Pisa area. It produces a medium fresh fruity oil green almond and artichoke notes. Our oil, Augusto Primo, is approved as EVOO of the Presidium 2018. It was produced in a small quantity, only 150 litres. 

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