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Extravirgin Olive Oil


Our company has produced a monocultivar extra virgin olive oil for several years obtained by one of the most ancient and fine Tuscan varieties: Lazzero. This cultivar was used to make the “oil for the King”, namely a precious extra virgin olive oil which went only on the table of the monarch. Our company decided to enhance this variety in order to exalt its organic characteristics and preserve the ancient varietal heritage of Tuscany.

Lazzero is a yellow-gold extra virgin olive oil. It is fresh, elegant and complex. The first smell is of a medium green fruity fragrance with marked herbaceous notes which range from wild grass to artichoke, finishing with the flavour of tomatoes leaves and balsamic hints. Those fresh and balanced flavours are confirmed in the taste, initially bringing out a pleasant astringent bitter of artichoke and, finally, a pleasing spicy flavour of black pepper and balsamic grass.


Lazzero extra virgin olive oil is perfect to be used fresh on several dishes such as fish, meat, soup and vegetables.

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Podere San Bartolomeo’s IGP Toscano is a blend obtained through the most evocative cultivars of Tuscany such as Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. IGP Toscano was created to glorify our territory, Tuscany, as symbol of perfect balance between man, culture and nature. Our oil is inspired by this balanced harmony; it expresses a marked Tuscan flavour as attested by its notes of artichoke and grass. It is avaible also as IGP TOSCANO BIO.

Podere San Bartolomeo’s IGP Toscano presents a medium intensity of the green fruity flavour of olive and herbs. There is a faint hint of artichoke and thistle in line with its Tuscan profile. The sensory body of this extra virgin olive oil is rich and carries green notes, which range from the green thistle to green almond; the bitter taste of artichoke with an aromatic spice of white pepper.

It perfectly pairs fresh in soups, on vegetables, legumes, meats, bruschetta, mixed leafy herbs, salads and medium-flavoured fish but it is also suitable for cooking and preparing high quality fresh sauces.

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Our region has always been famous for its tradition of extra virgin olive oil production. Primitivo expresses our gratitude to this tradition and to the authentic quality of Tuscan olive oil. Podere San Bartolomeo’s Primitivo is a non-filtered extra virgin olive oil obtained through the milling of Tuscan classic cultivars such as Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo, picked at the right time of ripening according to the ancient traditions of our land.


Primitivo’s first note recalls the ripe olive but soon after this first fragrance a flavour of thistle and almond emerges. The consistency is smooth and delicate according to the olfactory perception. Primitivo is a sweet extra virgin olive oil enriched in the end by a delicate flavour of bitter and spicy pepper.


It matches perfectly with all everyday dishes of the Mediterranean tradition, and with steamed vegetables and fish.


Scorci d’Autunno is our blend with a prevalence of Leccino. Leccino is an old cultivar widespread in Tuscany, especially for its resistance against cold temperatures and the delicate taste of its black olives, which contain a lot of polyphenols. For those reasons we created a blend to intensify and highlight all the characteristics of this ancient cultivar thanks to the strong notes of Moraiolo and Frantoio.

Scorci d’Autunno is a yellow-gold extra virgin olive oil, the fragrance is delicate and releases flavours of green olive, almond and thistle. It is elegant to the taste, offering an aftertaste of ripe almond and artichoke. The bitter is pleasant and persistent until the end when the flavour scene is dominated by an intense spicy taste.


It matches perfectly with white meats, fish and mixed herb salads. It is suitable to prepare sweet recipes because of its smooth and delicate flavour.

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