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CANTUCCINI with almonds

CANTUCCINI with almonds


The Cantuccini with Almonds from Podere San Bartolomeo are handcrafted according to the traditional Tuscan recipe, with ancient wheat flour of the Verna variety and Extra Virgin Olive Oil grown on our hills.

Made more crisp and crumbly by the presence of oil, they have the dark color typical of Verna flour, an ancient variety of Tuscan soft wheat with a reduced gluten content. Its ancient flavor embraces that of almonds and is sweetened by honey, so as to make our Cantuccini not a simple biscuit, but a great classic of dry pastries, to be enjoyed at the end of the meal, natural or drenched in Vin Santo. Made with love and excellent raw materials, the Cantuccini with Almonds from Podere San Bartolomeo do not contain palm oil, refined flours, lard, butter or margarine . And that's why they are so good!

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